Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Writing Projects

Devil's Handiwork

Devil's HandiworkDevil's Handiwork is a work of fiction, despite the possible similarities to certain entities.

The dead can't lie. That's the only truth in Shelby Guilfoyle's world. She still lives with the sting of betrayal from the one time she trusted a non-dead man. So, when William Levine finally locates Shelby in her desolate Oregon hideout after four years on the run, damn skippy she's a little skeptical. Okay, she's ready to kill him.

William wants Shelby to locate a young scientist, Jocelyn Dupree, for HaloCorp, the same agency who trained her and then planned to make her into chemically-comatose zombie after William told them about her ability. Shelby's having none of it, and flees to start a new life... again. But knowing what HaloCorp is capable of, Shelby finally goes after William's target on her own, wondering when in the hell she grew a damned conscience.

I just finished the first draft of this book, though I have been working on it - off and on - since 2007. I was near to finishing it in 2010, but then the divorce happened, and then I changed my whole life, so... this kind of fell by the way side. I have the first draft with beta readers now, but I haven't heard anything. I am thinking about tightening this up and sending it out to agents and publishers, something I haven't done in over a decade. But I feel that my writing skills are strong enough now that I stand a decent chance of mainstream publication now, and this book is actually really, really good.


Untitled Poetry Book

I have maybe 20 poems written for this project so far. I am not pushing myself on it, though; I write when the inspiration hits me. I don't have any kind of completion date set for this, no deadline, no stress. But it should be pretty awesome.


Untitled Cook Book

I have been compiling my recipes designed for picky eaters (like the ones for which I cook everyday), for quite a while, and I am still nowhere near to completion. I have most of the recipes, but the formatting, the photography... by the time I get done with work for the day and cook dinner, the last thing I am thinking about is photographing the food. I'll get to it eventually.


Untitled Short Story Compilation

Though I don't put much of my short story writing out in public, I do write shorter fiction, and I am working on this project sporadically, mainly gathering ideas and characters and figuring out what goes where. This is a thematic work, so it's a little tougher to make everything work.

Upcoming Music Projects


Make Me Shiver's 3rd album is my biggest musical project, bar none. I have written enough material between 2010 and now that it is a double album, and it is working from the perspective of one relationship ending and another beginning and a whole life change on top of it... with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. We have about half the songs tracked for the rhythm section, meaning that I just have to overdub lead and accent instrumentation, overdub final lead vocals, and background and harmony vocals. We still have 10 more songs to track for the rhythm, too.

Upcoming Design Projects

1972 Chevy Cheyenne Shortbox

My dad was the second owner of this truck, and we are redoing it to help my parents out. It's currently disassembled and awaiting cleaning of the frame, a new motor, and all the new parts to be put on it. Design plan right now is a very warm pearl white with a candy tangerine stripe. Photos soon!

1957 Chevy Station Wagon

Though it has been sitting on the back burner for a while, we are planning on restoring this family heirloom for my father as a retirement present. Design plan is pearl white with pale teal ghost flames.

Interior Design Projects

Bathroom Remodel

Another one of those things that we've put off. Plans are to rearrange the layout, install a better shower insert, new cabinetry, new sink area, and in-floor heating and new tile.

Laundry Remodel

Our laundry area is small, but it could be so much more efficient with a redesign. Plan is to replace washer and dryer with stacjables, reconfigure the cabinetry, add a folding table with storage underneath for dirty clothes and soap and baskets and stuff. And paint. And maybe tile or wallpaper, too. I haven't decided yet.