Celtic, Medieval, & General History Links

I recently went through all these links and it looks like about 85% of them don't go anywhere anymore. I'll try to update with better links later. No promises, though.
Links to Medieval History Sites
Castles On The Web
Directory of Northern Medievalists
Companions of the Conqueror
Labyrinth Home Page
Skyelander's Scottish and Medieval Web Site
Medieval History Sites
Medieval History Resources
Blades of Tara ~ Links
Celtic Runes
Shanties and Sailor Songs
The Online Medieval and Classical Library
Plausible Futures
Cyberspace Spinner genre indexes, etc
Folklore & Mythology Electronic Texts
The Moonlit Road Ghost stories from the American South
Fairy Tales: Origins & Evolutions
History Online
Mary Soon Lee's Science Fiction & Fantasy Markets List
Chaosmanor Fantasy Lines & Information
Myths and Legends
Archaeological Guide For Europe
Cindy Renfrow - Culinary & Brewing History Links: Everything you wanted to know about Medieval cookery
The Costume Page
Medieval Names Archive
Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
Castles of Britain
The Catholic Encyclopedia: Haven't really checked this out yet, but if you're looking for Catholicism in history....
Internet Resources - Medieval Studies: Brought to you by Ohio State University
Medieval and Renaissance History: Brought to you by NYU
Life in a Medieval Castle
Medieval Web Sites
The Arador Armor Library -- The Online Resource for Armour
Medieval Life
Ravensgard Medieval Cultural History
Anglo Saxon Studies
Medieval Weddings
Medieval Sourcebook: The Rule of St. Columba
NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
The CHARRETTE Project. From Princeton University
Links to language resources
Download a Latin/English Translator: I haven't done this yet, but it looks cool.
Gaelic Poetry Nook
Lex Scripta: Slang Dictionaries
The Gaelic Curse Engine. Not to be taken seriously; for fun only.
Scottish Slang Productions. A Scottish insult engine. For fun only; not historical.
Bright's Old English Glossary
Elizabethan Curse Engine. I really have to stop visiting these things. They're not historically accurate at all.
Old English Introductory Glossary
About Jersey: Language. Apparently, Jersey French is pretty close to Norman French.
Celtic Tree Calendar: Ogham Alphabet
Les Pages Jerriaises. Another site about Jersey French
YourDictionary.com: Specialty Dictionaries
Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translator.
Guernsey French. Another type of French that is similar to Norman French.
Links to Medieval Language Resources
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum
Favorite Latin Prayers and Devotions. Great resource if you're writing about Catholic characters.
Search Online Gaelic Dictionaries. A pretty good resource
Links to Scottish History & Culture Web Sites
Firth's Celtic Scotland
Aberdeen and NE Scotland
Scottish Culture: Fife
Scottish Forenames. Historical index of Scottish first names
Annals of Dunfermline: Prehistory. Information about the old Scottish royal city.
Scottish Ballads Web Log
Scottish Folklore
Links to Norman Conquest Web Sites
Battle 1066
Osprey Essential Norman Conquest. You'll need Quicktime on your computer to use some things on this site.
Secrets of the Norman Conquest. An interesting treatise based on historical documentation that William the Conqueror did not land his fleet at Pevensey Bay, as is widely believed. Draw your own conclusions.
The Laws of William the Conqueror
Links to miscellaneous stuff I find interesting
CompuServe's Writers Forum
Daily Grammar
Surrey Writer's Conference
Keith's Moon Facts
The Rejection Collection: Actual rejection letters writers have received.
Romancing the Web
The Big List of Words & Phrases
The Straight Dope: Cecil Adams' column "The Straight Dope, archived here.
An Onomasticon: A dictionary of names
Ancient Clothing of the Celts: Dyes
NEARA: Links. Links to information about the stone circles, standing stones, monoliths, and megaliths of New England.
Mysterious Britain: A guide to the Legends, Folklore, and Myths of Britain
Mysterious Megaliths of New England
Old Ireland: History of the Irish Kingdom of Scotland
Public Record Archive. A site with military records for England and Scotland
Archaic Medical Terms
Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides
Celtic Christianity
David Rumsey: Historical Map Collection. This is one amazing site for anyone interested in history. Wow!
CELT: The Online Resource for Irish history, literature, and politics
Academy of St. Gabriel. Lots of cool stuff here.
Digital Library: Maps
Moon Phases: 1000 AD to 1100 AD
Moon Phases In case the link above wasn't enough, here's the 5,000-year catalogue.
Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages: Beasties Index: Beasts in Myth & Legend, E through G
Origins of the Surname MacRae. I don't know why I found this page so interesting, seeing as how I am not even remotely related to the clan, and I am not researching it for anything. But it's interesting none-the-less.
The Megalith Map: An Index of ALL Known Stone Circles, in association with Aubrey Burl
10,000-year Calendar
The Complete Newgate Calendar
Did Irishmen Discover America? An interesting article with lots of references.
Games of the Vikings and Anglo Saxon Age. You never know when you'll need this.
Celtic Folklore: Original Celtic Folklore, Legends, and Lore.
Cornwall Folklore and Legend
Ancient Irish History
King Laoghaire: Irish Ballads & Booze