Biography of C. Anne Morgan

C. Anne MorganC. Anne Morgan is the pseudonym of author, writer, designer, and musician, Charity Luthy. Charity grew up in rural north Idaho, with only three TV channels (only one came in very well at all), a menagerie of farm animals and pets (over 100 animals lived on the place at one time), two siblings, and an overabundance of boredom to cope with. Charity began writing from a young age, writing short stories, newspaper articles, and other materials from the age of 9. Around the same age, she started teaching herself piano and writing songs; by age 16, she had a catalogue of (self-described) atrocious songs that she burned in her 20s. Charity first started writing what would become Night Cry in 1996 on a typewriter. After many drafts and incarnations, she finally realized that two books she was writing were actually the same story and the Sorrow Stones legend was born. Since then, Charity has written all three books in the Sorrow Stones Trilogy, her father's memoirs, and is currently at work on another, unrelated novel, Devil's Handiwork, which tells the tale of a disaffected corporate super-spy with a secret. Also in the works: the sequel to her father's memoirs, a cookbook, a book of poetry, and a book of sci-fi/fantasy short stories.

Musically, Charity started a band in 2003 that would eventually (after 15 drummers, two bassists, and the loss of a guitarist) become Make Me Shiver, a virtually unknown band with a metric buttload of awesome songs. The band released their first record, Too Much To Dream in 2006, which is made up of 11 songs, all written by Charity. The band's second record, Moonshine Valentine, contains 13 songs, 12 written by Charity and one written by current drummer, Steven. The record was not properly promoted despite being chock-full of awesome pop-blues-folk-rock fusion music due to a surprise divorce the day the CD was released in April 2010. Charity and Make Me Shiver are currently at work on their third record, tentatively titled BitterSweet, a double album written over the course of Charity's break-up, divorce, meeting her soul mate, marriage, and new-found happiness, and the songs follow the whole story from beginning to end. Should be something to hear, whenever it finally gets done.

Homeschooled through high school, Charity eventually went on to pursue higher education, getting an Associate of Arts degree in 2001, a Bachelor of Science degree from Lewis-Clark State College in Interdisciplinary Studies (Communications and English) in 2006, and a Master of Arts degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University in 2010.

Charity currently owns and operates a web design, graphic design, and Internet and social marketing company, Crescent Moon Design Studio, a business she originally started in 2004 to supplement her income while in school. Since the economy tanked and there weren't any jobs, Charity has thrown herself into the business full-force, designing web sites, social media marketing campaigns, Internet marketing campaigns, short-form videos, jingles, graphics, books, and more.

In her spare time (HA!), Charity enjoys restoring classic cars with her husband, driving said cars, painting, playing music, cooking, playing with her four kids, watching Steelers football, and decorating her house. A vintage and retro enthusiast, you'll often find Charity pinning Mid Century Modern design stuff and Sputnik starbursts to her Pinterest boards or haunting Craigslist for atomic-age lamps or yardsales looking for MCM treasures. Charity still lives in rural north Idaho, 300 feet from the house where she grew up.